More Advice for the Budding Author

Yes, I realize that I capitalized nearly the whole title of this post. I feel really bad about it, if it helps.

You WILL fail a lot before you get an offer.

Young/new authors: I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of the 2018 Guide to Literary Agents (I did it again).

It has a lot of very good information in it to help you find the right agent for you.

What you might find even more helpful – and the section you should commit to memory – is the section on queries and the various idiosyncrasies of query letters depending on who you’re writing one for. Also, make sure you end every sentence with a preposition.

Anyone can be a writer, but not everyone can be a good writer. It’s scary, it’s hard work, and it’s all worth it when the joy and passion you put into your book is finally shared with your readers. So, grab a copy of the guide, and get your ass out there once your little piece of the literary pie is edited to death and polished. No spit-shining.

Start off by writing just because you enjoy it. It’s often a cathartic experience, and keeps the brain sharper than SkyNews. Writing is inherently good, regardless of whether or not someone wants to buy yours.



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