Trump-speak: “I’ve asked them to contact London immediately”

“Americans are all praying for his recovery. He’s been a really good friend. He’s been really something very special. Strong, resolute, doesn’t quit, doesn’t give up.

We have made tremendous progress on therapeutics. I had a fantastic call today, which I’ll be talking about a little bit later. And I’ve asked two of the leading companies, these are brilliant companies, Ebola, AIDS, others, they’ve come with the solutions and just DYTOKBPX5BCWJFCFKPS554EPF4have done incredible jobs.

I’ve asked them to contact London immediately.

They have offices in London, they’re major companies. But more than major, more than size, they’re genius. I had a talk with four of them today, and they speak a language that most people don’t even understand, but I understand something, that they’ve really advanced therapeutics and therapeutically, and they have arrived in London already. (ed. I thought they were BASED in London)

Their London office has whatever they need and we’ll see if we can be of help.

We’ve contacted all of Boris’ doctors and we’ll see that is going to take place, but they are ready to go.

But when you get brought into intensive care that gets very, very serious, with this popular disease.”

Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen! Big round of applause for learning basic, but tremendous Engrish.



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